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Th pots that th concomitant us ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) and thi-azid diutics may contibut tth nhancmnt allopui-nol toxicity in som patints hav bn viwd in an attmpt tstablish a caus-and-ct lationship and a mchanism causation. viw ths cas pots indicats that th patints w mainly civing thiazid diutics hyptnsion and that tsts tul out dcasd nal unction sconday thyptnsiv nphopathy w not otn pomd. In thos patints in whom nal insuicincy was documntd, howv, th commndation tlow th dos ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) was not ollowd. Although a causal mchanism and a caus-and-ct lationship hav not bn stablishd, cunt vidnc suggsts that nal unction should b monitod in patints on thi-azid diutics and ZYLOPIM heads preferance. (allopuinol) vn in th absnc nal ailu, and dosag lvls should b vn mconsvativly adjustd in thos patints on such combind thapy i diminishd nal unction is dtctd.

This mdicin hlps tcontol you condition, but dos not cu it. It is impotant tkp taking you mdicin vn i you l wll.

Tak you mdicin at about th sam tim ach day. Taking it at th sam tim ach day will hav th bst ct. It will alshlp you mmb whn ttak it.

Pgnancy: Tatognic cts : Pgnancy Catgoy C. poductiv studis hav bn pomd in ats and abbits at doss up ttwnty tims th usual human dos (5 mg/kg p day), and it was concludd that th was nimpaid tility ham tth tus du tallopuinol. Th is a publishd pot a study in pgnant mic givn 50 100 mg/kg allopuinol intapitonally on gstation days 10 13. Th w incasd numbs dad tuss in dams givn 100 mg/kg allopuinol but not in thos givn 50 mg/kg. Th w incasd numbs xtnal malomations in tuss at both doss allopuinol on gstation day 10 and incasd numbs skltal malomations in tuss at both doss on gstation day 13. It cannot b dtmind whth this psntd a tal ct an ct sconday tmatnal toxicity. Th a, howv, nadquat wll-contolld studis in pgnant womn. Bcaus animal poduction studis a not always pdictiv human spons, this dug should b usd duing pgnancy only i claly ndd.

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