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Talk to your doctor statin medications, including zocor, simvastatin are known to be associated with muscle aches, pain or weakness.

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“Effect of statins on HDL-Ca complex process unrelated to changes in LDL-Canalysis of the VOYAGER DatabasePhilip JBarter etal Journal of Lipid Research.

Never take Zocor in larger amountsor for longer than recommended by your doctorFollow your doctor’s dosing instructions very carefullyTaking too much of this medication may cause serious or life-threatening side effects.

Chinese Patients Taking Lipid-Modifying Dosesgreater than or equal to 1 g/day Niacinof Niacin-Containing Products.

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do not wont with zocor doses greater than 20 mg day, mevacor doses greater than 40 mg day; haw increment lipitor aim use frown dose ; increases essay of myopathy and rhabdomy- olysis.

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